Retired loans: loans for pensioners of Italian post offices

28 Apr

Poste Italiane’s retired INPS loans today represent one of the most satisfactory solutions for those who have left the labor market and need liquidity to deal with urgent problems: as for other credit institutions that have entered into agreements and agreements with the institution pension to provide financing, the standard formula of loans to pensioners offered by Poste Italiane have to do with the sale of the fifth of the social security check , therefore with the direct deduction of 20 per cent of the total INPS income during the amortization period for repay the loan granted.

The product chosen to meet the needs of pensioners is called Quinto BancoPosta Pensionati , and here we will explain in detail what are the requirements to access the loan, the characteristics and conditions of the loan, and any strengths and weaknesses of the product in question.

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  • 1 Quinto BancoPosta Pensionati: characteristics and conditions
  • 2 Requirements Quinto BancoPosta Pensioners
  • 3 Inps Poste Italiane Loans: advantages and disadvantages
  • 4 BancoPosta Mini Loan
  • 5 BancoPosta Online Loan
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Characteristics and conditions

The Quinto BancoPosta Pensionati was designed to meet the liquidity needs of the INPS members, and therefore it can be requested by all pensioners belonging to the institution, including former INPDAP, ex iPost, former Enpals, and by Public and State Employees and Armed Forces. The sum that can be obtained with the retired INPS Poste Italiane loans depends on the amount of the pension received up to a maximum of 70 thousand euros, and the greater the total amount, the higher the chances of receiving substantial funding and at more advantageous conditions. Recall that the salary formula or social security check

it allows to authorize the approval of the financing also to those who have been classified in the list of bad payers , since the direct withholding is a form of protection of the institution that provides the financing. The only limit is that the amount must be by law sufficiently high to be able to guarantee the survival of the contractor net of the 20 per cent withholding, therefore those who receive only the minimum pension cannot access the fifth assignment and must seek solutions alternatives.

From the point of view of the duration of the loan, the Quinto BancoPosta Pensionati provides for amortization plans ranging from 36 to 120 months , without additional additional costs, either for the early repayment of the contracted debt or for ancillary commissions. The only expense foreseen at the time of the stipulation of the contract is the signing of a mandatory life insurance policy that protects the beneficiary in the event of an anticipated death, avoiding that the residual debt passes to the heirs.

Wanting to take a standard example of Poste Italiane’s INPS pensioner loan , a 62-year-old applicant receiving a net monthly pension allowance of 900 euros can get a 10-year loan of 10,153.65 euros with a fixed TAN of 9.25 per cent and APR at 9.65 percent , for a monthly payment of 13 euros in order to repay the entire amount paid plus 5.446,35 euros in interest. The loan is granted by crediting BancoPosta Account, bank transfer to a current bank account or an authenticated check made out to the applicant. Only for INPS pensioners, the amount can also be credited to the nominative postal savings account held by the applicant.

Requirements for Pensioners

The requirements for accessing the Quinto BancoPosta Pensionati are the same as for any pensioner loan, so it is necessary to present it at the time of documentation:

  • Copy of valid identity document
  • Fiscal Code
  • Papers of the pension attesting to the amount of income

The presence of an additional guarantor or guarantor is not necessary to obtain the go-ahead for the financing, while in addition a health certification can be requested which certifies the state of health of the applicant for the subscription of the mandatory life insurance policy. In any case, for this type of loan Poste Italiane provides a maximum age that does not exceed 85 years.

Loans: advantages and disadvantages

Loans: advantages and disadvantages

Fundamentally, the choice of the fifth assignment is a convenient solution not only for the lending institution, as it feels more protected than the loan repayment, but also for the same retired applicant, who does not have to worry about remember every month to pay off the debt with the payment by monthly payment slip having the direct deduction on his account which is made directly in agreement between INPS and Poste Italiane.

In addition, the retired loan with salary assignment can also be requested by those who already have loans in progress, even with delegation of payment: however, it is clear that a further sale also involves some difficulties, such as a further deduction of the applicant’s income, and therefore in the event that the total amount of the social security check proves to be insufficient the financing could be refused.

It is clear that the only real disadvantage of a loan for pensioners with a salary-backed loan is that this method tends to exclude a substantial segment of the population, that is, all those who do not have a fixed income or even a sufficiently high amount to be able to offer the guarantees. requests. Let’s see then what can be some alternative solutions to the loan with sale of the fifth always branded Poste Italiane.

Mini Loan

Mini Loan

Quinto BancoPosta Pensionati is not the only possible financing solution put in place by Poste Italiane to meet the needs of those who have escaped from the labor market: for those who need small sums urgently, there is the possibility of requesting a BancoPosta Mini Loan , which like reads on the official page

can be requested by anyone who owns a Postepay Evolution Card, and is between 18 and 76 years old at the end of the reimbursement , residence in Italy and with a workable income or provable pension produced in Italy

Also to request a BancoPosta Mini Loan it is necessary to present the following documents: valid identity document , health card and income document exactly as for the loan with assignment of the fifth above described. Some essential features of the loan change: the duration is fixed for everyone at 22 months, and the repayment of the installments takes place by direct debit on the Postepay Evolution card or on the Bancoposta Current Account, and allows you to request up to 3 thousand euro maximum amount. It is therefore a useful financing method for those who need to cope with a small unexpected expense, and it is relatively easy to manage. Obviously something is lost in terms of the flexibility of the amortization plan, but as the amount disbursed is not very substantial it is a relatively surmountable obstacle.

Online Loan

Poste Italiane retired loans analyzed so far can be requested by going to any post office even on Saturday morning, obviously starting with the agreed INPS loans up to the Mini Loan: however, since the spread of the new digital communication tools has become increasingly invasive , online loans for retirees have taken on the role of an effective alternative with many advantages in terms of practicality and reduction of time, both from the point of view of the provision and the bureaucratic process of approving the loan application.

Poste Italiane is no exception with its BancoPosta Online Loan , which provides a process that is entirely online with a digital signature, as stated on the dedicated page on the official website . In this case, you must register with the Poste Italiane website, log in to your private area with a username and password, and finally go to the Financing section to complete the request form with the requested data, to get an immediate answer about the feasibility of the loan . The BancoPosta Online Loan provides as conditions

a payable amount ranging from a minimum of 1500 euros to a maximum of 30 thousand euros , with amortization plans lasting between 12 and 84 months.

From the point of view of the requisites necessary for the approval of the funding, in addition to the usual documentation that includes a valid identity document , health card , document of attestation of income (which for those who have left the labor market simply means the pension slip), plus document attesting the regularity of the stay for non-Italian citizens, it is possible that additional documentation is required depending on the individual case, also to access special promotions in progress.

Furthermore, to apply for this loan online, it is essential to have a current account with Poste Italiane, non-holders can however easily request a BancoPosta Click Loan to access this loan. The repayment of the loan also takes place, like the credit of the amount, through convenient monthly installments debited automatically to the BancoPosta Account, but unlike a loan with a fifth assignment, this option does not provide for the possibility of subscribing to the insurance policy.



In conclusion, is it convenient for an INPS pensioner to apply to Poste Italiane for a loan? Net of individual problems that can highlight those who are in particularly difficult conditions, such as those who have only a minimum pension, disability allowance or survivor’s pension , so it is always advisable to consult a consultant to find the solution together more suitable (and consequently also the credit institution that can best satisfy this need), we can say in general that the Poste Italiane loans are an excellent solution for those who receive a social security allowance sufficient to provide a loan, with fairly advantageous conditions both in terms of the annual nominal rate and the annual effective global rate, flexible amortization plans are above the normal maximum age , as credit institutions are often reluctant to grant loans once they reach 75 years of age , a good 10 less than Poste Italiane.

Even alternative solutions such as the Mini Loan and the Online Loan have different arrows to satisfy the needs of the applicants. Poste Italiane has many solutions for loans to pensioners that have various advantages, given the usual criticalities related to the chosen methods and which we have analyzed in detail in the various products illustrated.