Borrow 15,000 euros?

10 Feb

Those who want to finance a project of 15,000 euros do not always have that capital in their account. To still implement the project, such as the purchase of a new car, borrowers can borrow 15,000 euros from a lender, such as a bank. Such financial institutions are prepared to lend an amount in exchange for interest. The borrower repays the interest together with the borrowed capital on a monthly basis. The costs of a loan are summarized in the annual percentage rate (APR).

Where to pay attention when applying for a loan?

Where to pay attention when applying for a loan?

The lenders can apply different rates when someone applies for a loan. They apply three criteria: the type of loan, the loan amount and the loan period. For example, lenders are willing to lower the price tag of a loan if someone does not opt ​​for the maximum loan period. The maximum loan period is set by law. For borrowers who borrow EUR 15,000, the borrowing period may not exceed 60 months. Depending on the repayment capacity, the borrower may decide to repay the loan much faster. That translates into heavier monthly repayments.

The lenders also look at which project the borrower wants to finance with the borrowed capital. Green projects such as installing solar panels or the purchase of an electric car are usually much cheaper than, for example, the purchase of a new television. The purchase of a new television is usually financed by a more expensive personal loan. This while green loans are usually the cheapest loans on installments.

Inexpensive borrowing: compare all loans

compare all loans

Cheap borrowing means comparing loans. That is why Angel Clare has an overview of all lenders. You can consult a list of lenders for each type of loan on our site. Consider, for example, mortgage loans, green loans, personal loans and the merging of loans. Our overview shows all lenders so that you choose the best and cheapest loan. A credit may look cheap, but don’t forget this golden advice: Borrowing money also costs money! Borrowing at no cost is usually too good to be true.

Concrete example: The fixed annual cost percentage (APR): 6.99% (fixed annual actuarial lending rate: 6.99%), for an installment loan of € 7,300 with a term of 42 months. The monthly repayment will be € 195.72 for a total repayable amount of € 8,220.24. The fixed annual cost percentage can vary depending on the credit amount, the duration of the credit contract, the withdrawal modalities or the chosen payment modalities. Installment loan for private individuals, subject to acceptance of your file and mutual agreement. Interest rates and product conditions change regularly. Because reliable comparisons are only possible on the basis of current data, the product information (such as interest data) that we provide is often updated daily, or as often as necessary. Angel Clare is neither a credit broker nor a lender.