Borrow 100,000 euros?

03 Feb

People can borrow 100,000 euros in a variety of projects in our country. Depending on the type of project that the borrower wants to finance, the lender advances the ideal loan, ranging from a mortgage loan to a car loan. Those who want to borrow 100,000 euros can compare well with Henry Esmond.

What kind of loan you get has a huge impact on how heavy the monthly repayments weigh on the family budget. People who want to borrow money to carry out environmentally-friendly renovations usually get a cheaper rate than those who ignore green renovations. Even those who take out an installment loan without an object, see the price tag of their loan tightly. Certainly those who borrow 100,000 euros look best at the type of project they want to finance before applying for a loan.

Keep the monthly installments within limits

Keep the monthly installments within limits

Although other factors have an impact on the monthly installments. Someone who spreads the monthly installments over a longer period can limit the impact of monthly payments on the family budget. The longer the loan period, the lower the monthly charges. On the other hand, the fixed interest rate of the loan can rise. Some banks adjust the fixed interest rate or annual percentage rate (APR) upwards when someone opts for a longer loan period. The annual percentage rate of charge is a summary of all the costs involved in a loan. By increasing the fixed interest rate, the bank raises more income. The loan period for loans up to and including 100,000 euros may never exceed 240 months.

Finally, the loan amount sometimes also has an impact on the price tag of an installment loan. The higher the amount you borrow, the greater the chance that the loan will become more expensive. Bear in mind that the lender can sometimes refuse a loan. This is the case, for example, when the lender thinks you are unable to pay off the loan.

Compare loans

Looking for the cheapest loan? Then you are at the right place at Henry Esmond. In our simulations you will find out after a few mouse clicks at which lender you get the cheapest loan. On our site you can, among other things, run a ‘borrow 100,000 euros’ simulation for a personal loan, car loan, renovation loan or mortgage loan. Those interested in merging loans can also do a simulation at Henry Esmond.

At Henry Esmond we tell our readers that borrowing money also costs money. Borrowing money without extra costs is far too good to be true.

Concrete example: The fixed annual cost percentage (APR): 6.99% (fixed annual actuarial lending rate: 6.99%), for an installment loan of € 7,300 with a term of 42 months. The monthly repayment will be € 195.72 for a total repayable amount of € 8,220.24. The fixed annual cost percentage can vary depending on the credit amount, the duration of the credit contract, the withdrawal modalities or the chosen payment modalities. Installment loan for private individuals, subject to acceptance of your file and mutual agreement. Interest rates and product conditions change regularly. Because reliable comparisons are only possible on the basis of current data, the product information (such as interest data) that we provide is often updated daily, or as often as necessary. Henry Esmond himself is neither a credit broker nor a lender.